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Meet the owner...

Meet Lola, licensed and insured Esthetician in the state of Hawaii. Aside from being a passionate Skincare Therapist, she is also a dedicated educator. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in secondary level education back in 2012 from the Interanerican University in P.R. Lola also served in the Army Reserve component for 6 years, which is why she developed strong work ethics and leadership skills. She works relentlessly towards growing her business and building her brand. Lola aspires to empower men and women all around the world to believe that anyone can achieve what they set their hearts out to do. 

Lola DelValle - licensed and insured Esthetician in the state of Hawaii.

Meet our Receptionist...

Meet Alanis Gonzalez, part-time receptionist and esthetics apprentice. Alanis is currently enrolled in college pursuing a degree in nursing. She aspires to become a Plastic Surgeon in the near future.  Alanis is a very gentle, kind human being that genuinely strives to listen and promptly answer any questions or concerns you may have. At Lola Beauty Allure, we absolutely love her passion to care for others and we are certain that you too will appreciate her work ethics. 

Alanis Gonzalez - Lola Beauty Allure
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